Shop, Travel and Earn

Tuuree is a new startup in the sharing economy model. It gives an amazing opportunity to shoppers to  buy global products and they can also reduce on shipping cost. We do this by connecting wannabe shoppers with international travelers. 

Shop with Tuuree:

Shoppers across the globe would love to buy global products but they are not easily available in their country.  The sites and stores that sell them do not offer International shipping. Some of them charge high shipping costs. Global shoppers get disheartened because they are unable to get their merchandise easily. Tuuree solves this problem.

Shoppers can order products from global brands like Apple, Best Buy, eBay, Etsy and others. International travelers who love sharing extra luggage space for rewards will deliver your products. We connect shoppers and travelers. With Tuuree you can access the world because you can buy global products from any place and reduce the shipping cost

Travel with Tuuree:

Traveling is a costly affair. As a traveler we reward you. In other words you can earn rewards by selling that unused luggage space. Earn while you travel!

In addition to rewards you can also get an opportunity to meet the locals and explore their culture. You deliver products from global brands to locals and earn rewards so you save on travel costs.

Trust and Safety:

Safety and Security are very important to us, so we have escrow service to take care of your money worries. All of the members on Tuuree are verified and abide by our model code of conduct.

We also offer Direct Pay – a payment option to be used where both parties know each other and don’t want to use the escrow service.

In addition to above all services, we also offer Tuuree Money back guarantee. We pay you back if you do not get your product delivered in a desired condition.

We also have a categorized help center where you get answers for all the frequently asked questions.

Isn’t that exciting? Come Order it, Deliver it, Tuuree it.