About Us

What is ?

Tuuree is an online peer-2-peer community of International Travelers and Shoppers. It connects shoppers who need products/merchandise from overseas with travelers who can buy and deliver it en-route for rewards.It is a One Stop Destination for both travelers and shoppers.

At Tuuree, our vision is to, ‘ Bring the world together by a technology driven platform.


How Tuuree began ?

The journey of Tuuree started in the summer of 2017 when one of the founders of Tuuree went through the hassle of acquiring a power adapter for his old Macbook Pro.

It was unavailable in India, but was available in the U.S. However, most of the retailers would not ship it internationally and those did were charging exorbitant shipping costs, almost 3 times the cost of the adapter.

The only way to get his adapter was, to call his family and friends in the U.S and ask them to bring it.

It all worked out in the end, however contacting friends and family and asking about their trip was cumbersome.

Also, being a wanderlust, he observed that everytime he travelers approximately 35% of his luggage space goes unused.

Most of us have been through this ordeal; from organic baby food and clothes to limited- edition book and gadgets.

So, WE decided on solving this problem!

We have built this Machine Learning and AI based platform to empower and bring together a community of Shoppers and Travelers. That’s how TUUREE was born!