Code Of Conduct


As a part of Tuuree, you are responsible for following certain guidelines to create a safe and secure experience for your fellow shoppers and travelers


Respect and cooperation are the two pillars of Tuuree . Always be respectful and polite when you communicate with other users. Abuse of any kind is not tolerated and may result in Tuuree blocking your account.


Users are expected to reply to messages within 48 hours of receiving them. Travellers should update shoppers with a delivery update within 24 hours of their arrival. Prompt response earns a 5-star rating.


You are obliged to maintain a safe community by keeping all payments and communication on the Tuuree platform. We provide 2-step user verification, secure Tuuree Escrow payments and responsive customer support to protect you from fraudulent activity. Make sure that you understand and pay all applicable customs fees.


Complete user profiles get noticed more, so please upload a profile pic and fill in the bio to make the most out of our community. Your personal information, such as your email address, phone number, home address and payment details are always kept private.

Anti Harassment Policy

Tuuree has an anti-harassment policy in place to counter for harassment or illegal activity of any kind. We also take stringent action if a user does something to diminish trust in the community, such as canceling multiple orders or deliveries, or spamming accounts.