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Tuuree is a peer-2-peer community of shoppers

Shop with Tuuree:

Shoppers across the globe would love to order global products but they are not easily available in their country.  The sites and stores that sell them do not offer International shipping. Some of them charge high shipping costs. Global shoppers get disheartened because they are unable to get their merchandise easily. Tuuree solves this problem.

As a shopper you can shop your favorite products from global brands like Apple, Best Buy, eBay, Etsy and others. International travelers who love sharing extra luggage space for rewards will deliver your products. We connect shoppers and travelers. With Tuuree you can access the world because you can buy any product from any place.Shop your favorite products or send anything using Tuuree- from books to gadgets and supplements.

As a shopper you can enjoy the privileges such as ordering  Authentic Products Right From The Store. You can rest assure about the delivery because we have a trusted community of travelers. They offer fast, friendly, personalized delivery of products from all over the world

We also offer Tuuree Money back guarantee. We pay you back if you do not get your product delivered in a desired condition. Undoubtedly, Tuuree is the best website for Global shopper

How do I order on Tuuree?

Creating order on Tuuree is very simple. In other words, we have made it by having a simple 5 steps.

Create an order
Wait for delivery bids
Negotiate the bid
Choose the payment mode and
Delivery received!!

If you are worried about payments rest assured because your money is safe with Tuuree. We use secure payment system  which means when shoppers make the payment, Tuuree holds the payment until the items are successfully delivered to the shopper.

We don’t like charging for transactions between friends & family hence we offer Direct Pay . The Direct Pay lets you pay directly to the traveler without any escrow fees.

Your safety and security are very important to us and we ensure that by verifying all the members of our community.