Travel and Earn money

Travel with Tuuree and earn rewards for luggage sharing. In other words you can earn rewards by selling that unused luggage space.

Tuuree is a peer-2-peer community of International travelers.

Travel with Tuuree:

Love traveling and want to explore South Asia and India? Luggage sharing can pay your travel. In addition to rewards you can also get an opportunity to meet the locals and explore their culture. You can make friends on every trip!

You deliver products from global brands to locals and earn rewards so you save on travel costs.

Tuuree ensures that only verified shoppers are part of our community, so that the travelers are safely paid what they were promised. We use Escrow payments so that the shopper pays to our platform and the money is safe with us. As soon as you deliver the product, the amount will be credited. We ensure guarantee payouts to our travelers.

How to travel with Tuuree?

Publishing your trip on Tuuree is very simple.

Firstly, decide on the extra baggage space ,
Next, Set an expected reward,
Now-Agree on a suitable payment method,
Buy the product with your money
Finally- Smiles spread!

To sum up – Earn while you travel.

We encourage you to check our help center and frequently asked questions about the products and various other customs and duty related questions.

We also encourage you to buy the product with your money so that you know what exactly is going in your suitcase.

Your safety and security are very important to us and we ensure that by verifying all the members of our community. We also have a code of conduct in place to ensure that you are treated fairly. We have a review and rating mechanism to encourage our top travelers.

Tuuree adds memories to your travel! Come be a part of it!