Tuuree’s Guarantee

Trust and Security are at the heart of Tuuree.

We have Tuuree’s Money Back Guarantee.

While we welcome family and friends to use Direct Payment option, we encourage our shoppers and travelers to transact using Tuuree Escrow payments to be eligible for Tuuree’s Money Back Guarantee.

When used Escrow payments, your money will be refunded to you in the following cases,

  1. If you don’t receive your item.
  2. You receive a different product than what you requested or from a different retailer than the one you requested.
  3. A broken or a damaged product.

If at all you encounter an issue after the delivery of your product, please communicate to your traveler via the messenger. Our travelers are very cooperative and solve the issues amicably. If your traveler is unable to help you out, you have 24 hours to report the issue, write to us at support@tuuree.com or you can click on the raise dispute button in order details.

Also, Tuuree’s money back guarantee is not applicable if you or your traveler failed to adhere to customs fees/laws

Here are some steps to ensure you get your products as requested and allow us to best serve you.

* Always communicate via Tuuree messenger

Communicating via our built-in messenger allows us to assist you if there is a dispute between the shopper and traveler. Communication outside of the Tuuree’s messenger cannot be verified and hence cannot be used as a proof to resolve the dispute.

* Receipts

You should always ask your traveler to send you a soft copy of receipts via the Tuuree messenger as soon as they make the purchase. This helps to check the authenticity of the product.

* Ordering from Retailers

Travelers are responsible for delivering your product according to your instructions. If the product description is incomplete or not detailed travelers will have a hard time getting the right products and will hamper the transaction.  We strongly recommend you to order from reputable online & offline retailers.Unreliable retailers are best avoided and Tuuree’s money back guarantee does not apply in such instances.

If an online store or seller is not describing an item accurately, this affects shoppers, regardless if you obtain the item through Tuuree or directly from the seller. We therefore recommend ordering from only reputable retailers.If the shop where the item is requested turns out to be unreliable, traveler will not be responsible and therefore Tuuree’s money-back guarantee will not apply.

* Check that the product is not damaged.

When meeting your traveler, please take ample time to inspect your item. Travelers are informed that you will need time to inspect your product and are willing to wait.

* Product Issues

Travelers in our community are very helpful. If you notice any issues with your product after delivery, please communicate with your traveler as soon as possible via Tuuree messenger. If they are still in your city, most travelers will still have the opportunity to take the product back for a return if the item doesn’t work. You have up to 24 hours to report an issue after confirming delivery.

* Order Products that comply with our Terms & Conditions.

You are prohibited to order any product that’s illegal in your country. Please check with your local laws and regulations before you order any products.
Products that are very large, heavy or bulky may not receive any delivery offers because it would be difficult to transport.